Discover BoConcept: Modern Designer Furniture for Your Home

In the world of modern designer furniture, BoConcept stands out as a beacon of innovation and style. Founded in Denmark, this brand has carved a niche for itself by providing contemporary furniture solutions that meet the dynamic needs of modern living spaces. The significance of BoConcept in transforming homes into stylish, functional abodes cannot be overstated. With a focus on craftsmanship, aesthetics, and functionality, their collections resonate with those seeking to infuse a sense of sophistication into their home décor. Moreover, the brand’s popularity on platforms like Pinterest underlines its influence and reach in the world of interior design.

This article delves into the essence of BoConcept, exploring its signature styles, the vision of featured designers, and its commitment to sustainability. Readers will gain insights into BoConcept’s versatile furniture options that cater to various tastes and spaces, along with customizable furniture solutions that allow for personalization. Additionally, the article will cover the practical aspects of delivery and assembly services, ensuring that the transition from selection to installation is seamless for customers. Exclusive offers and discounts will also be discussed, offering readers tips on how to access BoConcept’s luxury designs at more affordable price points. Through this exploration, the article aims to offer a comprehensive overview of BoConcept, making it the go-to guide for anyone looking to elevate their home with modern designer furniture.

About BoConcept

Company Overview

BoConcept is a renowned Danish design furniture company, established in 1952. Over the years, it has expanded globally, now boasting over 300 stores in more than 60 countries. The company prides itself on offering a wide range of high-quality, contemporary furniture and home accessories designed to enhance modern living. Each piece reflects the deep-rooted values of craftsmanship, simplicity, functionality, and quality materials, which are the hallmarks of Danish design. BoConcept continuously seeks dynamic and competent staff to support its expanding operations, emphasizing the importance of service-minded, responsible, and enthusiastic individuals who align with the company’s concept and corporate image.

Brand Mission

BoConcept’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality Danish design furniture that helps people create their dream homes. This commitment is driven by the motto “Live Ekstraordinær,” which encapsulates the desire to elevate life through exceptional Danish design. The company collaborates with the world’s best designers to create furniture that is not only functional and of uncompromising quality but also modular and suited to the new ways people live, work, and play. Sustainability is a core component of BoConcept’s operations, with a focus on using environmentally-friendly materials and production processes wherever possible. This approach ensures that BoConcept’s offerings are not just aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible, making them a preferred choice for those looking to furnish their homes in a sustainable yet stylish manner.

Signature Styles

Modern Minimalism

The Amsterdam corner sofa exemplifies BoConcept’s modern minimalism, styled in a dusty green Velvet fabric that introduces warmth and eye-catching drama into any minimalist living room. This piece is a testament to the brand’s commitment to simplicity and functionality, maintaining a clean and understated aesthetic while providing comfort and style.

Urban Danish Design

BoConcept’s approach to Urban Danish Design seamlessly blends traditional Danish qualities with a modern urban twist. Their partnership with VisitDenmark highlights a shared narrative that promotes minimalist Danish design, appealing to city break guests looking for quality and the famous Danish “hygge”. This collaboration has fostered product launches and seasonal campaigns that resonate with a target audience that values both aesthetic appeal and functional design. The narrative of high-quality Danish design is not just a marketing tool but a reflection of BoConcept’s core values, which emphasize craftsmanship and sustainable choices in design.

Featured Designers

Profile of Leading Designers

At the core of BoConcept’s success are the collaborations with some of the world’s most renowned designers. Figures like Morten Georgsen, Henrik Pedersen, ARDE, Anders Norgaard, Frans Schrofer, Oki Sato, and Karim Rashid shape the brand’s aesthetic and functional ethos. These designers are not only celebrated for their visionary contributions but also for their commitment to quality and sustainability. Each designer brings a unique perspective, ensuring that every piece is not just a functional item of furniture but a piece of art that enhances any living space.

These professionals are chosen not just for their skills but for their ability to embody the brand’s philosophy. Their work reflects a deep respect for craftsmanship, a meticulous attention to detail, and a use of exceptional materials. Their global recognition allows them to select the finest experts worldwide, ensuring that every design is both beautiful and ethical, considering the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.

Design Philosophy

BoConcept’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in Danish design traditions, characterized by functionality, simplicity, and clean lines. The brand’s approach to furniture design focuses on modularity and customization, allowing for personal expression and adaptability to changing living environments. This philosophy is evident in their wide range of products, from modular sofas that can be tailored to fit any space, to extendable dining tables that reflect contemporary living standards.

The brand’s commitment to “Live Ekstraordinær” is not just a slogan but a reflection of their mission to enhance everyday living through design. This ethos is supported by their extensive collaboration with top designers who share a common vision of creating elegant, thoughtful furniture that improves the way people live, work, and play.

By maintaining a focus on sustainable practices, BoConcept ensures that their furniture not only adds beauty to homes but also contributes positively to the environment. This commitment is integral to their design process, from the selection of materials to the production methods used, making their furniture a choice for those who are conscious of their environmental impact.

Sustainable Practices

Eco-friendly Materials

BoConcept is committed to reducing its environmental impact through the use of sustainable materials in its furniture designs. The company emphasizes the incorporation of recycled, renewable, and responsibly sourced materials. Notably, BoConcept is on track to ensure that 90% of its wood will be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) by the end of 2024. This certification guarantees that the wood used is sourced from responsibly managed forests, which is crucial for minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, by 2025, all of BoConcept’s leather will be 100% traceable and biodegradable, highlighting a significant move towards sustainability in material sourcing.

The company also showcases a strong commitment to fabric sustainability. To date, BoConcept has ensured that a significant portion of its fabric assortment, including popular lines like Skagen and Wellington, carries the OEKO-TEX™ Standard 100 certification. This certification is a testament to the safety and environmental soundness of the textiles used, as it confirms the absence of harmful levels of substances in the fabrics. By 2025, BoConcept aims to have 80% of its fabric share certified by OEKO-TEX™, reinforcing its dedication to sustainable material usage.

Sustainable Manufacturing

In its manufacturing processes, BoConcept strives to leave as minimal an environmental footprint as possible. The company’s long-standing experience and expertise, spanning over 60 years, play a pivotal role in enhancing the sustainability of its production facilities both in Denmark and globally. BoConcept works closely with its suppliers to ensure adherence to a strict code of conduct, which mandates compliance with internationally recognized standards of human rights, labor, and environmental practices.

This code of conduct serves not only as a guideline but also as a tool for continuous improvement, helping suppliers enhance their social and environmental standards. BoConcept’s proactive approach involves working collaboratively with suppliers to achieve compliance, though it firmly ceases business with any supplier who persistently fails to meet these standards or engages in fundamental human rights violations.

Moreover, BoConcept is actively exploring innovative, sustainable materials to further enhance the environmental performance of its products. The exploration includes materials that are more sustainable, durable, and circular, although specific details about these initiatives are still under development. Through these efforts, BoConcept demonstrates its commitment to innovation in sustainability, ensuring that its practices contribute positively to the planet while maintaining high standards of quality and design.

BoConcept’s Versatile Furniture Options

Sofas and Living Room Furniture

BoConcept’s range of sofas and living room furniture exemplifies versatility and style. From the compact elegance of 2-seater sofas, ideal for small living spaces, to the more spacious 3-seater options that cater to small families or guest accommodations, each design is meticulously crafted to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. The Amsterdam corner sofa and the modular designs, such as the Bergamo and Indivi sofas, offer customizable options for a tailored living experience. These sofas are available in over 120 different fabrics and materials, ensuring that they not only fit the space but also the style preferences of each individual.

The modern sofa beds in BoConcept’s collection provide dual functionality as both a comfortable seating area and a convenient sleeping solution, unfolding easily to accommodate overnight guests. This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for living rooms that must serve multiple purposes.

Dining Room Solutions

In the dining area, BoConcept showcases its flair for combining practicality with modern Danish design. The company offers a variety of dining tables and chairs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also customizable to fit different room sizes and styles. Whether it’s a cozy meal for two or a larger gathering, the flexibility of these dining pieces allows for a perfect match to any dining room configuration. Options include round tables for better game night interactions or extendable tables for accommodating extra guests, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to functional, stylish dining solutions.

Bedroom Essentials

The bedroom collection from BoConcept focuses on creating a sanctuary of comfort and style. The range includes beds with integrated storage solutions, such as drawers or ottomans, which are especially valuable in small spaces. These multipurpose furniture pieces help maintain a clutter-free and serene bedroom environment. Additionally, the choice of bed frames, from plinth-based to floating designs, caters to diverse aesthetic and functional needs, ensuring that each bedroom reflects personal style while maximizing space .

BoConcept’s commitment to versatility is evident in its furniture offerings across different rooms of the home, each designed to meet the evolving needs of modern lifestyles. By focusing on modular designs, extensive customization options, and multifunctional furniture, BoConcept ensures that each piece not only serves its purpose but also enhances the overall quality of living spaces.

Customizable Furniture Solutions

At BoConcept, the emphasis on self-expression through furniture is paramount. Each piece in their collection is designed with high customizability, allowing customers to personalize size, colors, and materials to reflect their unique style and personality. This commitment to customization is evident in their wide range of products, from modular sofas to extendable dining tables, which offer the freedom to create a truly unique piece of furniture .

Design Your Own

BoConcept makes it easy for individuals to design their own furniture solutions. Customers have the liberty to choose from a variety of options, be it a custom sofa, chair, bespoke table, or a complete dining set. The process is user-friendly and encourages creativity, ensuring that the final product is perfectly tailored to meet personal tastes and preferences . Additionally, their modular sofas can be reconfigured to adapt seamlessly to any room layout, providing both style and functionality without compromise .

The brand’s Interior Design Service plays a crucial role in helping customers create their own extraordinary spaces. From small updates to complete makeovers, BoConcept’s designers assist in rethinking the flow of space using tools like 3D room planners and mood boards. This service ensures that every design aspect, including color, materials, texture, and lighting, is considered, allowing for a personalized and cohesive look .

Customer Stories

Throughout the year, BoConcept runs various promotions that highlight their customization capabilities. For instance, during the Year of Ekstraordinær event, customers had the opportunity to win a customizable Carmo sofa. This not only showcased BoConcept’s extensive customization options but also provided a platform for customers to engage directly with the brand’s design possibilities . Another notable promotion was the chance to win one of the 70th Anniversary limited edition Mads Berg prints, featuring iconic pieces like the Imola chair and the Cupertino desk, further emphasizing the brand’s commitment to design excellence and customer engagement .

BoConcept’s approach to customizable furniture solutions extends beyond mere aesthetics. It involves a deep understanding of individual needs and preferences, ensuring that each furniture piece not only enhances the visual appeal of a space but also its functionality and comfort. This philosophy has positioned BoConcept as a leader in modern Danish furniture design, celebrated for its ability to merge individuality with practicality.

Delivery and Assembly Services

Convenient Delivery Options

BoConcept understands the importance of timely and hassle-free delivery, especially when it comes to custom-made furniture. The company offers a structured delivery timeframe, ensuring that board furniture reaches its destination within 6-8 weeks, while upholstered items may take between 10-14 weeks . This process is streamlined to ensure that all items in an order are delivered simultaneously, unless specified otherwise .

For those who have moved homes and need to reassemble their BoConcept furniture, downloadable PDF assembly instructions are available on the company’s website. These instructions are easy to follow and only require the product name and number to guide users through the assembly process . It’s important to note that all drilling templates should be printed at 100% to maintain the correct scale .

Professional Assembly

BoConcept’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to their professional assembly services. Upon delivery, a trained service team handles the transport and assembly of the furniture. This team is well-versed in the company’s product range, ensuring that each piece is assembled correctly and placed precisely where the customer desires . This service includes the removal of all packaging materials, providing a clean and ready-to-use setup upon completion .

The company’s packaging standards are designed to protect the furniture during transit. Each item is safeguarded with foam and expanded polystyrene on surfaces and edges, and the packaging has been drop tested to prevent damage from impacts . Additionally, the packaging can withstand exposure to light rain, though it is not fully waterproof, ensuring the furniture arrives in pristine condition .

BoConcept’s delivery and assembly services are not only about convenience but also about ensuring that each piece of furniture maintains its high-quality standard from the showroom to your living space. These services are integral to the customer’s experience, reflecting the company’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

BoConcept offers a variety of exclusive deals and discount programs designed to provide value to their customers while enhancing their shopping experience. These offerings include seasonal sales and loyalty programs, each structured to cater to different customer needs and preferences.

Seasonal Sales

BoConcept’s seasonal sales events are a highlight for bargain hunters and design enthusiasts alike. The Black Friday Week, for instance, is an annual event that sees reductions across the entire range of products, from living and dining room furniture to home office setups . During this week, customers can enjoy a 15% discount on new products and rarely discounted designs, although these offers exclude outlet items and are subject to stock availability . The sales event is accessible both online and in-store, providing flexibility and convenience for all shoppers . Additionally, BoConcept updates its showroom selections regularly, ensuring that the offers vary, which might include exclusive pieces like outlet coffee tables and sofas at significantly reduced prices .

Loyalty Programs

BoConcept values its repeat customers and has established a robust loyalty program to reward them. The BoConcept Scotland Rewards program is particularly noteworthy, where customers earn points for every pound spent on retail goods, design services, and other services as determined by each store. For instance, £1 spent on retail goods or design services earns the member 2 points, while promotional purchases earn 4 points per £1 spent . Upon reaching certain thresholds, such as the Gold tier at 20,000 points or the Platinum tier at 70,000 points within a twelve-month period, members earn increased points per pound spent .

Members can redeem their accumulated points for voucher codes, which are applicable towards future purchases of products and design services. These vouchers come in various denominations from £25 to £250 and can be used in full or part payment. It is important to note, however, that vouchers cannot be used against discounted products, third-party products, or in conjunction with any other offer, and must be utilized within six months from the date of issue.

Through these exclusive offers and discounts, BoConcept not only enhances the accessibility of its high-quality designs but also fosters a lasting relationship with its clientele, encouraging them to return and enjoy the benefits of stylish, functional, and sustainable furniture solutions.


As we have explored the world of BoConcept, it’s clear that the brand’s commitment to sustainability, personalized furniture solutions, and unmatched Danish design ethos truly sets it apart in the realm of modern designer furniture. Through their innovative use of sustainable materials, collaborations with world-renowned designers, and a wide range of customizable furniture options, BoConcept offers a unique blend of style, functionality, and environmental responsibility. This approach not only caters to the evolving needs of contemporary living spaces but also resonates with those seeking to make conscious choices in their home décor selections.

Reflecting on the broader implications, BoConcept’s dedication to offering high-quality, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing furniture underlines the brand’s role in shaping the future of interior design. By fostering an environment where customization and customer satisfaction are paramount, BoConcept truly enhances the living spaces of its clientele, promoting a sense of well-being and aesthetic pleasure. As such, BoConcept’s journey is not just about furniture but about creating spaces that reflect personal style and values, encouraging us to rethink how design and sustainability can coexist beautifully in our homes.


1. Is BoConcept considered a luxury furniture brand?
Yes, BoConcept is recognized as a luxury furniture brand. It has been awarded the title of ‘Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware’ by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2022, marking the third consecutive year of winning this prestigious award. This recognition came as BoConcept celebrated its 70th anniversary, underlining its commitment to luxury and quality.

2. Who is the owner of BoConcept?
BoConcept has been owned by 3i Group since 2016. 3i is a prominent international investor known for its extensive portfolio of investments. BoConcept was initially listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 1984 before transitioning to its current ownership.

3. What is the origin and history of BoConcept?
BoConcept was founded in 1952 by Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm, two innovative Danish cabinetmakers. They started the company with a vision to make quality furniture accessible to a wider audience, which has grown into the global brand known today as BoConcept.

4. How extensive is BoConcept’s global presence?
BoConcept boasts a significant global footprint, with over 300 stores spread across 65 countries on six continents. The company has more than 25 years of experience in franchising, making it a well-established and attractive franchise model in the furniture industry.

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